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Les Alleuds, France (Airport Safety, Maintenance Operations and Grass species selection)

12 Representatives from the U.K’s main Airports including JS Agriculture Ltd and bird strike expert Phil Mountain of FERA, attended a 3 day conference on Bird Strike risk in relation to grass selection and landscape maintenance at Top Green’s research station.

Conference delegates were able to see and compare for themselves for the 1st time the spectacular research results on Tall Fescue species for Airfields. This trial plot forms part of a 12 yr. selection programme to improve varieties specifically for airfield environments which will soon be commercially available :

 Erect, spiky and springy shoots,

 Deep rooting for stability and drought resistance,

 Reduced clippings means low maintenance and less thatch,

 Low leaf crown habit

 Rust disease resistance,

 Decreased insect palatability and digestibility related to increased lignin content,

 Increased bird deterrence

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