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JSA and Gatwick Airport invite representatives from Heathrow to view the results for High Performance Flexible Growth Medium (HP-FGM) at Gatwick Airport

On the 24th October 1013, Managing Director of JSA, John Straka and Matt Orme from GAL gave a presentation to selected members from Heathrow Airport on the ongoing Airfield reinstatement works at Gatwick combined with merits of using HP-FGM over conventional pins/ Netlon and battens for high blast areas on the airfield.

Invited deligates included Gary Rixon, Andrew Robertson, Nick Pownall, Barry Mowczak and John Grimsdale

The visit organised by Paul Green from EHM included both a presentation of the benefits of utilizing this system in an airfield environment (cost savings and bird deterrent among many others) as well as viewing completed areas at various stages of growth on several of the runway turn-offs and threshold areas around the airfield. The installation process was also discussed which stressed the importance of involving the landscape contractor who is carrying out the works from the onset.

After sandwiches and coffee, the consensus was that this was a very useful day and that HP-FGM was the future for soil stabilization of high blast areas on airfields

Airfield High Blast Control in the UK has in the past been solved by using traditional pins/ battens and Netlon and JSA has become the only Airfield Certified Installer in Europe for Profile Products, which allows us to install leading edge “Hydraulically Applied” High Blast control systems. These systems utilising Flex-Terra maintain CAA compliance with both CAP 168 and CAP 772 but at less than half the cost of conventional pins/ Netlon and battens.

Unlike pins/ battens and Netlon, applied erosion control systems are sprayed on and therefore genuinely follow the contours of the ground, with no bridging or potential for washout below the matting. Conventional netting can allow water to seep through and gradually cause washout. These spray-on systems actually lock the soil particles down using soil binders and biodegradable fibers to create a seamless blanket of protection. Hydraulically applied erosion control systems have been proven to reduce soil loss by 99% compared to traditional erosion control mats and are highly effective as a replacement for traditional methods of blast protection.

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