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Gatwick achieves the Biodiversity Benchmark award!!!

Gatwick has achieved the Biodiversity Benchmark Award!

This is a great achievement that we have been working towards for the last few years. The award meets one of our Decade of Change Commitments but the management work involved in meeting the Benchmark Award has so many other benefits too. Gatwick has some lovely woodland and riverside habitats and as such it ensures they meet biodiversity related legal and planning conditions and is a good way to demonstrate both internally and to the wider community that Gatwick values and actively manages our biodiversity areas.

A massive thanks to Rachel Bicker, our ecologist for her hard work in pushing it through and James Webster who have done such a great job. Rachel has limitless enthusiasm for her work managing our biodiversity and our social media Queen has also really raised awareness about Gatwick’s great biodiversity work.

Congratulations, Gatwick and well done to James and Rachael for helping them achieve this target we set when winning the contract.

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