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Wildflower meadow success in West London

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Early in March this year JSA ploughed up a boggy field adjacent to a new development near Ealing in west London Once su...

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The Company

JSA Landscape Clients

Formed in 1982 by John Straka, the Company started life carrying out grounds maintenance for the private client. Within a couple of years, JS Agriculture Limited was asked to carry out works for its first major commercial client, British Gas Transco.

By 1992, as JS Agriculture Limited expanded, John realised that he had to specialise to grow the business. He achieved this by concentrating on work delivered for large, blue-chip companies and by using his specialist large agricultural machinery for other associated landscape work. Massive investment in machinery, equipment and training took the company forward to a new level of operations and launched JS Agriculture Ltd into the twenty first century.

JS Agriculture continued to expand firstly by developing its formal grounds maintenance work for larger Companies, select high profile clients and organisations where it could focus on high attention to detail utilising its horticultural trained/qualified staff to the maximum.

Secondly, by specialising in using its large agricultural machinery for other associated landscape and conservation work. Alongside this, investment in time and money on providing staff training and investing in a variety of modern specialist machinery.

Currently the nature of our work encompasses a wide range of land husbandry services in addition to the formal grounds maintenance work including: Conservation Management of which grass/wild flower meadow cutting/conservation and weed control form major parts, arboricultural and tree maintenance along with hard and soft landscaping. JSA now provides high quality landscape maintenance around offices, hotels and business parks for Blue Chip clients.

Our clients have include the following:

  • National Grid Transco
  • Scotia Gas Networks
  • South Bucks and Richmond Borough Councils
  • Symantec
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
  • Royal Parks Richmond
  • McDonald Thistle Hotels
  • Numerous local Companies and private contracts.

Sustainable Grounds Maintenance depends upon knowledge and respect for natural cycles and relationships and recognition of the need to minimise all of our carbon footprints through improved management practices, less use of harmful herbicides and pesticides in favour of more natural solutions whenever possible form the basis of our environmental Integrated Management System.

Specialist in Airfield Habitat Management

JSA Landscape Group is an approved specialist contractor for operating agricultural and landscape machinery Airside at many UK Airports. With over 30 years experience and a thorough working knowledge of CAA CAP 772 we carry grass cutting, selective and total weed control and grounds maintenance operations around runways and taxiways at the following airports:

  •  Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • Southampton Airport
  • London City Airport
  • The MOD

Bringing total airfield habitat management area worked onto over 10,800 Ha.

Well trained directly employed workforce

Over the years we have established a directly employed workforce which has enabled us to meet our objective of providing a truly professional service to the highest of standards with a personal approach to all contracts. By having our own labour it has enabled us to develop individuals to provide consistency for our clients. We believe strongly in training along with experience, to equip our employees with the skills required to meet clients’ expectations

Our policy on staff training we feel is second to none. All our staff are fully qualified in a specific field whether it be weed control, machinery operation or forestry.

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